How can I get my audio to sound similar to this

Hi, I am recording my own mediations and would like to edit my voice to sound as ethereal as possible.

I came across the YouTube clip linked and there is something about the way the woman’s voice sounds that is echoey but I think there’s something else going on too and I’d like mine to sound similar. Do you know how this is kind of effect is achieved it doesn’t need to be exact just looking for some pointers. Thank you :slight_smile:

Strictly speaking it’s reverberation, rather than echo … Reverberation - Wikipedia

Audacity comes with a reverb effect … Reverb - Audacity Manual

There are free reverb plugins which, IMO, are better … How do I create this effect

In addition to adding reverb, you can EQ your voice to modify a formant (to some degree). If you want your voice to sound feminine, record your script in a higher key then use the Audacity’s Pitch Change Tool to raise it up a little more, but no more than a few semitones; otherwise you’ll sound like a munchkin. There are a number free voice change plug-ins that do a good job of modifying your voice, whereby you can add effects, even sound like a woman or a famous person, like Morgan Freeman. For meditation recordings, you probably want the dreamy effect of large room reverb but record closely to the microphone for intimacy.