How can i get audacity to stop recording on a new track

Hey community,

A beginner in this recording world.
My friend suggested audacity as a good option to be able do sessions together. I’ve created an mp3 file karaoke version of a song to get accustomed to the controls but verey time i try to record it starts at the end of the sound file.

I’ve discovered the shift R trick but if you want to restart because of a mistake it starts to record after the sound file again.
I’ve recorded with my friend and it was no problem creating new tracks and recording with audacity but i just can’t get it to work with out this phenomenon.

What am i missing?

By default Audacity appends a new recording to the same track, and it is “Shift + R” (or “Shift + Record button”) to record to a new track.

That default can be reversed in Preferences so that it records to a new track by default, and “Shift + R” to append record.
See “Record on a new track”

Some screw up with predictive text here.

The problem is that when i create a track for the mp3 music and then a track for the voice it only records after the music.
I can’t select the voice track for the recording process. I’ve tried pressing, moving even swearing at the screen but nothing works. If i press shift R then i can record on that track but if i stop and try to continue then it just records on the mp3 track after the music.

Very frustrating.