How can I edit my sound to get this?

Hi guys I really need help on this. I have recorded some audio using Audacity using my AT 2020. I just want to edit my audio to make it sound like this:

How can I do so? I want that studio/echo/reverb effect. If anyone helps I would really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

What does it sound like now?

You’d be singing for the eight seconds instead of speaking. That’s only if you want to post a sample to the forum. It will only allow short clips. If you have access to file hosting services, you can post much longer samples. Post only the raw capture, not effects or post processing. Just sing.


Hi, here is the original sound of my recording, Its 20 seconds long. Hope you can help

Thank you. I’m not at a machine with good monitoring right this second. If you get half-way close, we can usually keep you from making some of the more obvious mistakes. It does worry me that your finished sample is using a lot of echo/reverb on his voice. The Audacity echo generator has never won any awards for high quality and simple use.

As we go.


There is a good free reverb plugin called Anwida DX lite which works in Audacity.
That reverb plugin has a preset called “EchoVerb” which is similar to the extreme-effect you’re looking for …