How can i create tracks?

I have a long piece of music that ive streamed from the internet.

But can i use Audacity to split it into tracks so that when I put the music to CD i can select track 1 or track 5 or track 10 …etc etc.

I just dont know how to do it.

any help would be appreceated.

This wiki page should give you what you need:

I’d skip right to the part called “Labels.”

thanks for your reply.

but ive already read that information about labels. But im still confused.

If i have a long mix, say 60 minutes. I want to create tracks that i can select on a CD. Does that mean i have to label the seperate tracks i want, the use ‘export multiple’ and create seperate tracks, then create a playlist (say… in media player) then record those seperate tracks to CD?

I cannot make the labels, then save the mix as one track, then move to disc all at once?

thanks for your help!


Sorry this reply is so late.

Your first description will work, but you don’t want to do that.

You can also do this using only one track, but you’ll need to work outside of Audacity to do it. Wav files weren’t designed to have extra information embedded in them. You’ll need to make one long wav file edited as you want it to sound. Then use a different program (either a text editor, or a CUE sheet program) to create a CUE sheet. Once that’s done, you can use burning software that supports CUE sheets (like Exact Audio Copy) to burn the wav file as a CD with separate tracks.

It’s easiest to just use Audacity to Export Multiple and then make sure the burning software isn’t adding a 2-second gap between tracks when you burn the disc.

Here’s what I did, but I know I’m just a novice. I don’t have many fancy programs, I just used Audacity to get what I wanted.

First off, I made sure that I saved the aup project with the entire audio file.

I just selected the section I wanted as Track 1, exported the SELECTION to mp3 (and added all the info needed there), and once exported, pushed the delete button on my keyboard. Then that leaves the rest of the large file to be selected as Track 2 and so on.
I figured that this way, there are no repeated parts and no missing parts, as only the section that was already turned into an mp3 is gone, nothing less and nothing more. I don’t need to “slide” around all over the large track to find what I had already taken care of.

Hope this helps, but if you are already set with what you need to do, maybe someone else can use my simple technique.