How can I correct this? (Need help on this b4 Wednesday)

So my recording actually got better this time when my mic actually recorded both the game sound and my voice. So what I did is turn down the general volume of the game by 75% and let my voice run through as loud as possible. At some points during the recording, the game’s volume is still loud. Listen to the entire thing for a bit, and let me know how can I make my voice more prominent than the game’s sounds. I need assistance ASAP cuz I need the audio for my next video upload coming up on Friday.

We can’t open your AUP file because it’s only an index to your project. Try uploading an MP3.

Try the compressor or the hard limiter effect. Both of these tool will push everything toward the same-constant volume. The Leveler effect may help too.

If you use the limiter, run the Amplify effect to bring-up the overall volume back-up. (The limiter will tend to cause distortion, especially if you over-do it, so experiment with it.)

The mp3 and/or wav file made the website lag and unable to upload the file unfortunately

If it’s too big, the system usually just says so, and that’s pretty common.

If your internet connection is aggressively non-symmetrical like mine is, then yes, it could take a while to upload stuff.

And just to shortcut things a little, Audacity is not the best software in the world to record games. It usually fails which is one reason you’re having such a hard time dealing with sound levels. We usually recommend people look at the FRAPS software to record gaming sound.