How can I carry on using Audacity in another window, while recording this one?

I’ve got a lot of hours of recording to get through… I’d like to set one Audacity window going doing recording, and then silence it so it records silently in the background… and then I’d like to switch to the other window that is open (with the recording I did yesterday) and work through it, cropping/snipping, repairing broken parts, applying fades, exporting etc

To be clear, I’m not trying to overdub or play something and record it with additonal other tracks etc… I just “want to open two copies of the audacity program, set one recording and then go perform edit operations on a totally different file in the other window”

The best way would be to use two computers.

Alternatively, if you have a computer that is high enough spec. you could set up a “virtual machine” (such as VirtualBox) and do the editing on the virtual machine while recording on the real machine.