how can i automatically cut out silence?

how can i automatically cut out silence?

why i don’t eleborate / my log so far:

#1 i searched in google and found nothing about it

#2 i asked in facebook audacity support.

#3 audacity support on facebook suggested me this place.
i registered and posted with an account that i lost.

#4 i waited 2 months or so.

#5 i contacted the audacity support on facebook again.

#6 the audacity facebook support said it takes up to 3 days.

#7 i registered here again with a new account that i keep track of the data and stuff and so on.

#8 i posted this same topic again.

#9 i will wait until carbon based lifeforms respond to my problem.

#10 i will give out further information in regards.

There’s a “Truncate Silence” effect:

Beautiful. It works. Thank you for that.