How about a FAQ section?

Is there a FAQ section for Audacity (all versions)?

I can’t find one, but I think one would make a useful addition to the forum.

It could include things like:
Getting started
Save and Export
Disaster recovery
Selecting the correct soundcard input
Latency correction
strange noises on your recordings - things to check
Distortion - how to avoid.

Yes, in the Audacity site

Lots of useful info in the other sections of the site too - see the stuff on this page too


I think it would be worth putting that link somewhere very prominent in this forum :smiley:

And how.

A link in the header (near the “Search” box) ?

Personally I think a FAQ board on this forum (Read Only apart from forum moderators) would be a good idea to cope with the questions that keep coming up on the forum.

How do you use Audacity. I have not seen general instructions on how to use Audacity. I have a Korg Triton Extreme keyboard which uses pcg and ksc files that I want to modify and I’ve yet to find the manual on how this is to be used.


Audacity isn’t a DAW, it won’t be able to work with those kinds of files. Think of Audacity as a multi-track recorder that works like a 4-track with more channels (and better editing capabilities).

It’s only able to record actual audio data, not MIDI-esque KSC files.