hotkey bugs after updating: conflicts and can't reset/clear

After updating audacity I’ve having a bad time with hotkeys.

Some of my old hotkeys now conflict with new default hotkeys.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to find these automatically except when I run into them and something unexpected happens.

When I manually go to the hotkey preferences it so far hasn’t let me unassign the new, unwanted hotkey. What happens is that it will let me clear the hotkey assignment and everything looks fine until I exit the preference menu, but then it magically resets itself. This has happened with "previous tool’ (default hotkey is “a”) and “play one second” (default hotkey is “1”), among others (I’ve only tested keys that had conflicts). The only solution I can find is to assign unwanted hotkeys to junk keys that I’m not using right now, but I’m starting to run out. Clearing all hotkeys that share the same key doesn’t fix the problem, the unwanted default hotkeys will still reset itself.

I’m using Audacity 2.2.0 on Windows 7 64 bit.

I think there may be a couple of problems in this area. They are both related to the new feature of having two sets of default shortcuts: standard and full.
I can confirm that after updating to 2.2.0, if you try to assign a shortcut to a command, and that shortcut is one of the shortcuts which is only in the full set of shortcuts, then duplicate shortcuts are created.
You have already found one way of working a round this problem. Another way is to reset the shortcuts to the full set. This has the disadvantage of you loosing all your current customizations - you would then have to do these again. To do the reset, in the Keyboard category of the preferences dialog, press the defaults button. A menu opens, and choose full.
You say that you have conflicts after updating. I haven’t been able to reproduce this. I presume that you have customized some shortcuts before you updated to 2.2.0. Could you please give an example of a command where where you customized a shortcut and the shortcut is now giving problems, giving the name of the command and the shortcut you assigned to it before you upgraded to 2.2.0. I would like to be able to reproduce this problem.

Sure: Before upgrading to 2.2.0 I had “Amplify” set to “A”, “Region - Retrieve Selection” set to “1”, and “Invert” set to “Shift+i” and I can confirm that these all had conflicts after upgrading and that the other command in conflict could not be permanently cleared, only reassigned to something else.

What is fixed exactly by resetting my hotkeys? Will I be able to clear hotkeys without assigning them to a junk key?

You also said “if you try to assign a shortcut to a command, and that shortcut is one of the shortcuts which is only in the full set of shortcuts, then duplicate shortcuts are created.” So this is going to be an issue even with new custom hotkeys that are made after upgrading to 2.2.0? But if I reset my hotkeys now then there will be no issue in creating new custom hotkeys?

Thanks for the info about your upgrading, I’ll check that out.
If you reset your hotkeys to either the standard or full set, you will then be able to clear hotkeys and create new ones, in other words it should all work properly again.