Hot keys for effects

Hi! After being installed Audacity 3.2 beta erased hot keys for effect plugins, both Nyquist and built-in, for example Change speed. I have to set them again. Please, prevent this problem from repeating.

Normally user preferences are preserved when updating, but that’s not been possible for some very recent changes (such as the change from 32-bit to 64-bit).

Another question is, why when I attempt (by left-click mouse) to download ffmpeg from the page:
I get the message Access denied?

FFmpeg is hosted on a third party site (
Did you try refreshing the page?
Did you try contacting the site owner (buanzo at buanzo dot com dot ar)?

Certainly, I refreshed the page. I can’t contact the site owner, I don’t know how. ((((( Can you give a link to the site owner?

As I wrote in my previous reply, his email is “buanzo at buanzo dot com dot ar” (replace “at” with “@” and “dot” with “.”)

Steve, thank you (not everyone is as smart)! I sent a letter.

No reply. Can you find for hosting and downloading ffmpeg and Lame another site, that would be more loyal to users?

That’s unusual, he normally replies very promptly, though he’s just one guy and he also has other things to do such as eating, sleeping, going to work, going on holiday … all the usual stuff.

Perhaps see if you can access the page using Tor Browser, though note that since the invasion of Ukraine, some Russian IPs are now blocking the Tor network.

I registered and reported on site Feedback:

I downloaded ffmpeg using an anonimyzer online. I have a question, why is the subfolder “modules”? I didn’t notice it before. Is this mod-script-pipe.dll really necessary, can I delete it? Before it was the direct folder FFMPEG, without extra subfolfer.

I deleted extra file and subfolder - everything works. I just have no idea, why respected site owners make me use an anonimyzer and don’t let visit their resource directly.

One possibility is that you may use a dynamic IP address. Dynamic IP addresses are typically shared across multiple users. It’s cheaper for the ISP provider to use dynamic IP addresses rather than giving all of their users their own private IP address, so this is common practice. The downside of using a shared IP address is that if a bad actor (hacker / spammer / troll / …) uses that IP address and gets the address on a blacklist, web servers may block the IP address, and that will block everyone that uses that IP.

One country in particular has displayed a massive increase in cyber attacks since around February this year - I’ve witnessed this myself in the server logs of my web server with hundreds of attacks per day from one particular country, and my web server only has a minute amount of traffic compared to buanzo’s server.

That’s not the only possibility, but it’s a likely explanation.

Well, I have a static IP - wired (Wi-Fi router, not mobile) Internet. Apparently, I somehow got blacklisted. ((((( This is not an isolated incident, there’s another site, I visited and participated, with the same trouble.

The only person that can give you a definitive answer is buanzo. If you give him the “Ray ID” and approximate time that the problem occurred, he could look it up in the Cloudflare logs to see which security rule blocked your access.