Horrible Noise while recording....

I recently purchased a Behringer Eurorack pro 12ch mixer that is mounted in my rack mount with my other equipment(Amp, EQ, Effects ets).

Well I went out to make a recording, I am using tape out on the mixer to mic/line-in on my Windows HP pavilion DV6000 laptop, and before even recording there is a small buzzing sound, but as soon as I hit record it just turns into this horrible buzzing, crackling noise as though I had a bad cable, but I have check all my cables, my connections, and they all appear to be ok, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what is causing this.

I am recording running Stereo recording and studio quality 16bits at 96000Hz(thru my Realtek HD Audio manager)

Any ideas, my frustration level is reaching an all time high.


Try dropping the sample rate down to 48kHz or 44.1kHz

Do you think that is what is causing the noise? Either way I will give it a shot, thanks. Any other suggestions?

<<<I am using tape out on the mixer to mic/line-in >>>

Probably not. Most Windows Laptops have a delicate, sensitive Microphone-In, expecting a really tiny, weak signal from a mono microphone. Your mixer is producing a massive, powerful, stereo line signal which is destroying your computer.

Many Windows Laptop users find it useful to buy an external USB sound card to do what you want.