Horrible audio and can't seem to fix it

Hi all,

New Audacity user; using Ver. 2.1.2 for Windows 10; obtained via free download in .exe format.

I have a large audio file, approx. 3 hours, recorded in Mono, that I need to split up to use in a Windows Movie Maker presentation. Problem is, there are 4 people speaking on the audio, all of whom have a different “tone” on the Audacity spectrum. Add to that the absolutely horrible background noise on the recording (the same “pulse” almost a 1/2 second apart) and despite all my tries at fixing the recording so I can use it all throughout the movie, so everyone is at the same speaking level (a couple of the speakers talk very softly, while the other 2 talk loudly), with the same tone (bass/treble-wise), etc. so everything is uniform, I just can’t get it fixed.

I’ve tried to Noise Reduce the recording, but it takes 2-3 tries to get that pesky 1/2 second “pulse” to go away…but after doing so, the speakers’ voices sound tinny and echo-y.


How do I permanently get rid of those 1/2 second pulses throughout the entire recording; then

How do I equalize everyone’s speaking level throughout the entire recording?

When I’m finished, I’ll make the Mono audio into a Stereo track. I at least know how to do that right, in Audacity. :laughing:

Thank y’all in advance for any assistance you can provide!

Did you shoot it? Describe the shoot.


Unsure what you mean by shoot, sorry. I don’t have video, just audio.

Who put the microphones in front of the performers and pressed the Record button? We have to build your world in our imaginations so you should tell us as much as you can about how the show was made. Four people at a restaurant? Skype recording? Conference Call? Chat?


Oh, OK. This was in a rectangular shaped room, approx. 12’ x 30’, carpeted, no heater or air conditioner running in the background. No other people around except us four actors. It was in a church. I used my old Creative Muvo TX FM digital recorder; 256mb version. Two of the actors were about 3 ft. away, while the two of us who were closer to the recording device were closer than that…probably a couple feet away from Mr. Muvo.

I had prepared a Google Earth presentation and used Apowersoft Screen Recorder, with an external microphone, to record what was on the screen as well as our narration to it. I just happened to have my Muvo recorder with me, and decided to use it as a backup, just in case. I’m glad I did, because the audio recorder via the external microphone did not turn out due to a previously-unknown problem with the external mic. So…the audio I have available to me is the Muvo mono recording.

Is there a way to attach a snippet of the original .wav file so you can see what I’m talking about?

Please see How to post an audio sample.


Here is a Dropbox link leading to four (4) .wav files. They are samples from all four actors on the audio track. Y’all can listen and let me know if the audio can be fixed with Audacity.
Like I mentioned, the original audio track is almost 3 hrs. long.



Any takers?