horizontal scrolling by half of window side

The track view is scrolled left and right when playing or recording. It is also scrolled when user clicks to scrollbar.

Now the window scrolls by the window size, but scrolling by 1/2 of the window size would be much better.

When playhead/recordhead jumps to middle of window (1/2 scroll), the just-played/recorded audio stays visible longer, and does not vanish suddenly out of window. Also, when I scroll by clicking to scrollbar, the area of interest more probably appears to middle for better view.

Some DAWs holds the playhead/recordhead always at center of window, but that is not necessary. Scrolling by 1/2 would be ok.

I found when I’m performing, it’s good to have the waveforms follow me through the show, but when editing or post production, I stop auto scrolling. I use Zoom to keep my point of interest visible and change perspective when needed.

I believe the upcoming Audacity 2.1.3 has a fixed playhead feature.


2D and 3D games have very pleasing visuals, and smooth movements. I hope gui toolkits make it to the same visual level someday. I don’t know if there is toolkit using game graphics.

It does indeed :sunglasses: