horizontal scroll with shift+mouse wheel does not reacts.

Audacity ver. 2.3.0 downloaded from official site(https://www.audacityteam.org/).
I’m using windows 10 1803(17134.228)

horizontal scroll with shift+mouse wheel does not reacts.
i think it was possible before 2.2.x. i’m unsure about the version but definitely was possible.
scrolls without mouse wheel is really annoying, please help me.

re-installing and reset of all preferences were wasted of my time.

Do you have your CAPS LOCK on?


That doesn’t affect anything on a Mac, but it might on Windows. That’s the only thing I can think of to give your symptoms. Does your scroll wheel work in other apps?


i found the cause the issue, my mouse customizing application intercepts the signals.
i’m using x-mouse, my configuration was a problem.
but i don’t understand why this problem only happened on audacity.
shift wheel was worked perfectly on every other apps, and caps lock was OFF, of course.

and i don’t understand too why the solution is always found after post the help message. even i was finding the solution for few weeks.

thank you very much, Koz.
you rescued me from the suffering.