Hopeless feelings#about to give up#anger# Lexicon/Audacity

Hello Guys,

is there somebody who can get me out from this desperate situation? I am fighting with it for two days and still without any results. My desktop recording device is Lexicon Alpha, I have an electric guitar which I would like to use and there is Audacity and Cubase LE 5 in my PC already installed. I did everything according to manual, guide or whatever but it just doesn’t make any sound.

Guitar is directly connected to the Lexicon via front Instrument connector on the left side of the box. On the right side of the box there are my headphones connected. I can hear some sound from the headphones but it’s just some kind of a fizz, no guitar sound comes out of it. The whole box is connected to the PC via USB cable and there are no other connections made.

Drivers installed, checked in Control Panels, Alpha Asio Driver chosen in programs, no input signal though…Both Audacity and Cubase are silent.

Even though I didn’t connect Monitors/Speakers in to the rear jacks, I should be able to hear the guitar signal coming out from the headphones, shouldn’t I?

Any clues guys? I am starting to feel suicidal a little bit. :neutral_face:

Thanks for your time and help.

It sounds like something is broken, but check the obvious things first:
Ensure that all of the connections are secure.
Ensure that the USB light is illuminated.
Turn up the “Chan 1/Inst” level, put the “Monitor” button in the down position (mono), turn the “Monitor Mix” control to “direct” and turn up the “Output Level”.
Check your headphones in some other device (for example, your computer)
Check your guitar and lead (perhaps plug the guitar into a guitar amp if you have one.

It worked! There was a problem with cable connecting guitar with Lex. Weird, I was playing in studio with this cable yesterday. :unamused:

Anyway, there is another problem…Now I can hear myself clearly in headphones connected to the right input but when I want to use programs such as Guitar Rig, Audacity I hear only weird embarrassing fuzz. This shouldn’t be a big problem to solve, my speakers are connected to my pc not to lexicon, everything is set in driver options but still fuzz comes out.

Finally a little bit closer to recording. :slight_smile: After 2 days…god… :smiley:

Interesting addition: The fuzz sound is going out from speakers when no program is opened as well. It reacts on my taping on guitar but no tones just fuzz.