Hooking up my UF0202 [SOLVED]

I am new to Audacity and just getting to know it. This subject has been covered but I hope you will be patient and help me work through this. I am trying to record some older homemade cassettes onto my macbook 2008.I hooked up the deck to the 0202 and have sound through the earphones on the 0202. My confusion is what the settings should be on the computer as well as Audacity. Right now I am unable to record sound to Audacity. My confusion is what the sound settings should be set on the Mac and the 2 input setting on Audacity. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you, John

I’ve moved this to the Mac help forum.

Does this help? http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/User:BillWharrie/OSX_and_USB_input_devices

– Bill

Thank you Bill for replying. I have set the controls as the wiki.audacity suggest. At least think I have. The error sign on Audacity still comes up when I hit record. The only difference between what the diagram says and my computer is next to device it reads built-in output instead of built-in Audio. The error sign comes up when I press record and reads “error while opening sound device please check the input device settings and the project sample rate” Not sure how to proceed, will give it a closer look tomorrow. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you John

Just wanted to let you know it is now working, recording. Thanks Bill for the link and thank you Audacity! John