hooking up a old cassette player

I am trying to use an old cassette player that is hooked to an amplifier in order to transfer my cassette tapes to digital on
my computer.
The following are the model, etc. #'s:
amp: mcs series 3228 stereo receiver
rca cassette player: 14-1400
I purchased a red/white rca cord with and 1/8" plug on one end.
No matter where I plug it to my desktop computer or my lap top computer, audacity does not seem to recognize my
cassette player.

Version of Audacity and version of Windows? See the pink panel at the top.

Audacity does not automatically see devices you just plugged in while Audacity was running. So restart Audacity and see if that helps.

If the laptop has a blue line-in separate from the mic, use the line-in. If you only have a mic-in, it may distort or only be mono. If so you may need to buy a USB interface that has a proper stereo line-in.


i am using 2.06 version of audacity

windows vista

Thanks, that’s fine as long as it says “2.0.6” with two dots (periods).

If it says “2.06” that is not made by us and you should download again from http://audacityteam.org/download/windows.

Are the problems fixed now?