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Hi everyone I’m fairly new here and I searched tremendously but could not find my answer, I am begining to record sessions of tabletop games for using things from them later in different everythings and am having trouble nothing seems to be able to identify any of the four of us apart is there a way to isolate and define us to make one of us louder and if needed erase one of us everything I’ve tried so far just IDs any of us talking as the same noise. please help and thanks.

------Sithis Eclipse------

You couldn’t find any information about how to do that because nobody can do that.

The big kids do that by putting either a chest microphone or a full communication headset (with microphone) on each person and record them on separate audio tracks. Audacity will do that–up to 16 tracks, but it’s up to you to provide phantom power to the headsets, microphone amplifiers, and a USB sound device to accept the tracks and convert everything into digital.

Even when you do that, some of the “wrong” voices will be captured on each microphone, but it’s usually so low that it doesn’t make any difference.

This is the same problem people have when they post trying to separate a choral performance from a full symphony.

Just so nobody will accuse me of not being compulsive, there is a way to do what you want with three people using relatively common parts and a stereo sound channel. You put one person on the right, one on the left, and one exactly in the middle. There is a software package that will manage the guy in the middle.

But you only get three.

This process still demands a sound mixer and a USB digital converter (or almost any Mac).


There is one completely oddball way to do this, too. Movies are shot with one movie camera. When Rick in “Casablanca” is talking to Ilsa, there is a camera over her shoulder shooting him and his lines. Then everybody breaks for lunch and when they come back, they move the camera to his shoulder and the actors say the exact same lines only this time the movie camera films her reacting to Rick’s lines. In Editorial, they swap back and forth by film cutting to make it look like Rick is talking directly to Ilsa for five minutes.

In some cases, Rick is in the men’s room while they film Ilsa’s lines. Somebody stands in for Rick’s Shoulder.

You could do that with all four people, one at a time. Three of them could be at the Tesco or 7-Eleven getting a fish and chips while you’re recording the fourth. I’m not recommending that, but that is one other way.


Or use a hand held microphone and pass it around like they do on some chat shows - may get in the way of game play though.

OK, what do you like in a USB device that will successfully manage, say, six independent audio tracks, and get them into Audacity that way? Doesn’t matter where the audio comes from, we can deal with level issues.


Alright then thanks for the help.

-----Sithis Eclipse-----