hologram sound effect

Does anyone know of any sound effects that can make vocals sound like they’re coming from a hologram? I think it’d be a really cool plugin to have, but I can’t even seem to find any decent online suggestions of how to go about making this effect. A little thin, techno-sounding, with glitches and interference. Something like this, though maybe not so extensive:


Grallion2, but it’s not free … https://youtu.be/u-iyuK_mmXs?t=335

HelmetRadio plugin (free) does lo-fi, but no pitch-shifting or glitchiness.

Ring modulation plugin (free) is worth a try … https://plugins.audacityteam.org/nyquist-plugins/effect-plugins/modulation-effects#ring-modulator

IMO the free (limited) demo version of AudioThing’s “speakers” is worth the effort of download … https://youtu.be/-B-WS1xN0I0?t=215 : it has glitch & interference effects.

Sweet! These give me some great options - thanks!!