Hollow voice problem


Windows 10 x64
Audacity 2.3.3

I’m a novice to sound editing, but I’m trying to help with a friends project. From what i’ve been reading, the quality of the recording here has been creating the hollow sound, and it might be irreparable. I was just wondering if anyone had advice for fixing this clip that I may have overlooked. I’ve attached a small recording, let me know if I need to get a different clip!

I appreciate the time and help, these forums are amazing!

Reducing the width of the stereo-image will reduce the “hollowness”.
#1. Create an in-sync duplicate track, (Ctrl +D), then make it mono, (aka mix down to mono).
#2. Mix the mono version with a little of the stereo original, the gain of the stereo should be 12dB below the mono, IMO.

Alternatively there are free plug-ins which can do the same stereo narrowing,
e.g. … Mid-Side Encoder-Decoder Plugin [VST, AU, AAX] - MSED - Voxengo


It sounds less “hollow” to me if I just mix it down to mono.
(“Tracks menu > Mix > Mix stereo down to mono”)

The problem is because your mic(s) is/are a long way from the person that is talking, and the room is quite echoey.