Hollow sounding vo

When I play back my VO track (mono) it sounds like Im recording in a box or can. I have a reasonable set up

Headphone bleed ?.

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Like talking into a wine glass? Like a milk jug?

That could be automatic noise reduction or echo cancellation and it could be coming from Windows or Skype, Zoom, or a Chat program, even if they’re turned off. Some microphones and some interfaces can do that.

What’s the setup? Remember we have to build your system in our heads to make this work.

I think you’re about to experience why recording a high quality voice with the computer isn’t always the best idea.


Thanks for the information.
I record on both my pc with windows 10 and my Mac.
I have a basic kit. I use a Neewer condensor mic and the Behringer u-phoria interface with mic preamplifier.

Neewer makes several of these. Which one do you have?

The Neewers seem to be side-address microphones. Speak into the side grill just up from the company name. If you’re doing this wrong, the microphone can pick up the room reverberation and sound pretty bad.

Record a quick sound test according to this formula.



thanks for the advice. Ill give it a go.
Should I turn of the computer mic?
My father was an audio engineer for CBS, DId all of the Beatles performances on Ed Sullivan. I have several of the mics. Maybe Ill give them a go as well

You should only be using one microphone at a time—and know which one it is. Sometimes that’s not obvious.


We stress that the forum sound tests should be “clean.” No effects, filters, or corrections.


If you can prove the Beatles connection, they’d be worth their weight in gold …