the problem Audacity, or is something else preventing my computer from recording ANY audio at all?

No question to add here. It’s all in the title of my topic.

One problem I have is that whomever wrote the instructions for using Audacity, is not good at writing instructions. Sorry to say that.

I’m guessing that the virus I picked up that the free chat support people could never help me with, is behind all of this.

Windows 10 & 11 require that you give permission for a program (app) to use your microphone … FAQ:Recording - Troubleshooting - Audacity Manual

The are several things that can cause this. Paramount is that you have selected the correct audio input source. If you’re using a Windows O/S, then a problem has been that the system creates a file within a folder named “AppData\Roaming.” Within that folder, delete a folder labeled “Audacity.” Also, check your machine’s sound settings and especially make sure that the record volume setting for Audacity isn’t at zero.

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