Hitting a wall when selecting audio

Hello! I’m on a Mac Air, up to date with Sierra 10.12.3, using Audacity 2.1.2. My apologies, but I’m not sure whether I installed from a .dmg or a zip. I had trouble with one so opted for the other, but now I’m not sure which was successful!

Anyway, the problem: since the 2.1.2 update, I haven’t been able to select audio beyond what’s visible in the window.

If I drag from the cursor to the left, I can sometimes drag beyond what I can see, and and the window will scroll accordingly. It’s trickier than it used to be, but if I get the correct left-and-downward pull on it I can make it work. Not enough of a downward pull, and it sticks at the end of the visible track. Too much, and I end up selecting the track below it, too.

Dragging to the right is worse - I get to the edge of the window and get stuck there. I have to zoom out so that I can select the whole section I want, delete it or tweak it or whatever, then zoom back in to get back to work.

I found someone asking about this earlier in the forum. That linked to a bug report, and in there someone mentioned moving back to 2.1.1 for specifically this reason.

If there’s no fix available, I’d prefer to go back one version. (Yep, it’s adding that much time and irritation to my editing sessions.) How would I go about that?


It’s a bug in 2.1.2.

Can you wait a few hours? 2.1.3 will probably be released later today, which fixes that bug.



Wow, how timely is that? :laughing:

Thanks very much, I’ll hold out for the update!

I wanted to come back and express my appreciation for the new fix. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks to everyone who worked on it!