Hissing from Yeti Mic suddenly started and won't stop

Thanks for letting me join. having some real issues with hissing on my audio the weird thing is I’ve been using audacity for years and never had this problem. theres no fan on the laptop making a hum or background noise so unsure why the yeti mic is picking it up. I’m on a MacOS on Big Sur and recently updated Audacity but can’t see why that would cause a problem heres a link to the audio and screen shot of settings any suggestions much appreciated!

Screenshot 2021-01-16 at 15.55.27.png

Minor difference between hiss caused by a bad microphone setting, bad adjustments, or mismatch in sound levels; and trash caused by a bad connection.

You have connection trash.

Close Audacity.

Look around to the rear of the Yeti. Do you have it set to cardioid (heart-shaped). Switch it to the other patterns a couple of times and then back to cardioid.

Unplug the USB cable from the computer and either change to a different socket, or just in-out a couple of times. Make sure it’s seated all the way. Same with the connection on the back of the Yeti.

I can hear you saying the USB cable is digital. How could it be making analog noises? Coming down from the microphone to the computer it’s digital, but going up is computer 5 volts and pure analog. And yes, it can cause noise problems.

Run Audacity and try it. Clear up?

Can you try a different cable or different computer?

If you offended the sound deities, the Yeti might actually be broken.

One other quick test. The Yeti uses very different internal connections between Stereo and Cardioid. Try both and see if there’s a loud difference.


Thanks for the advice I’ve tried this to no avail so it may be time for a new mic, appreciate the advice though!