hi gang

is there anything in audacity that can help get rid of 78 hiss?if so what is it and where?



you should be able to use Audacity’s Noise Removal function provided that you can get a decent sample of the hiss with no other signal.

Otherwise you might want to try Brian Davies’ DeNoise software. It does cost a little, but seems to work well. I have no 78’s any more but I tried it out on an old LP of blues recordings that I have that was obviously transcribed from old 78’s (or possibly even wax). It seemed to workl well but I did need to set the parameters differntly for each track/record. (Cf. using Brian’s ClickRepair software which enables me to use a standard setting for all my records - not his default but a bespoke setting of my own made after experimentation), Note that you can trial the DeNoise s/w for 21 days for free to see if it works for you - and that time may be enough for your repairs.

Also it might be worth a look at Goldwave which Gale Andrews often recommends as an alternative for LP/78 cleanup. It’s free-trial usage agreement effectively makes it free for moderate usage.


its never easy huh…audacity is the only free one huh…thanks


No, there is also “Gnome Wave Cleaner” which is free, open source, and possibly the best application available for cleaning vinyl and cassette recordings. It runs on Linux.

Ditto to the replies above.

You can also try using High/Low Pass Filters to get rid of hiss above/below the music bands. For speech, I usually Set the Lowpass to cut off at 4500HZ, and the Highpass Cutoff between 100-160HZ. You can play around with these settings and the Roloff settings to see what sounds best.

Remember that every time you take something out like background noise and hiss, you will take a little bit of the desired audio out as well.

You can increase the quality of your recordings by eliminating noise caused by interference in your cables and computer. I was making some LP transfers and they were coming out with tons of interference in the left channel. It turned out to be a crappy cable.

Anyhow, good luck!

yea when i used the noise reduction i noticed it took out parts of the song itself.thanks.