Is there anyway to reduce a bit of hiss which I am getting when plugging my bass guitar into my laptop. I tried the noise reduction thing which cleared the hiss but left the guitar sounding a bit distorted.

If you’re using the Mic-In (Microphone Input) of your laptop, then that’s the way it is. The electronics in PC laptops will not win any awards for low distortion and low noise.

If your laptop has a Line-In, you might be able to connect that to, say, the headphone out of your guitar amp and record that way. Juggle sound levels until you get a good match.

One of the Flame/Inferno artists brings his guitar and preamplifier in from home and uses that to play along with commercial performances. Each production room has a simple sound mixer amp and speakers and he plugs his MacBook in one channel and his preamp in another. Turn everything up and rock on. All at Line Level, not Mic Level.


Iv just noticed on my laptop I get a hiss when its plugged into the power supply but not when its running on battery… dont know if yours is the same problem?


I wouldn’t be shocked to find a “dirty” power supply injecting noise into a computer sound system. There are reports of cheap audio equipment where you can tell when the hard drive spins up–because you can hear it in the show.

People don’t appreciate how low microphone (or guitar) level really is. If your power supply supplies 12 volts like mine does, my microphone level is over 1000 times quieter than that. It doesn’t take much to mess up a microphone.