In the past, I’ve been able to play midi files with media player, hit the record button on audacity, export it as an mp3 and I’ve got a good recording. Recently, I had to re-install everything on my computer. Now, when I record with Audacity, there’s a hiss, so much so that when I use sufficient noise removal, the sound quality is too altered. There’s no hiss when I play files in media player or even in audacity. There’s only hiss when I RECORD with audacity and play that recording back. Even if nothing is playing on my system at all, and I record what should be silence, I play it back and get a lot of hiss. It sounds like a system problem of some kind, but I can’t imagine what it could be. There is no hiss in my system with any other application. What could it be???

You are almost certainly recording the wrong thing – like the built in microphone.


<<<Recently, I had to re-install everything on my computer.>>>