hiss noise when in recording mode

win 7/hp computer/realtex/stero mode for recording -
when i turn on the record button, i get a hiss noise before I open what I want to record.
Any ideas how to stop this. Noise removal does not work. It keeps coming back.

What does that mean?

What is it that you want to record?

Are you talking about recording sounds that are playing on your computer using “Stereo Mix”?
If so, have you disabled the computer microphone input?

I am trying to record a song from U Tube, but before I turn on the song, that I want to record, I turn on the record and I get hiss, static, throbs. Microphone & inline are disabled. The only thing installed, highlighted is “Stereo Mix - Realtek - high def audio”.

When i hit the record button in Audacity, and before I try to record, it records the hiss, thumps etc.

What sort of thumps? Your description suggests that there is still a microphone enabled - do you have a web cam with a microphone or any other microphone enabled?

I do not have any kind of mike.

What are the “thumps” that you are referring to?

Can you post a track with the noise?



please see attached noise