Complete noob here, I read somewhere that you guys can make a pre-set tone with effects or a plug in?

I need a couple of tones for voices i anybody available?

Your message is public. If you don’t get any replies, then nobody is interested. This doesn’t usually go well. Most people post to get help and then we never see them again.

If you give a little more detail, we may be able to tell you how to do it.


oh, well in that case, thanks for the heads up.

Anyway, I wold like to know how to be able to sound like Lelouch from code geass, the one he uses when he plays Zero. I’m also referring to the japanese audio.

A YouTube link to the voice would be helpful.
If this is the “zero” voice … https://youtu.be/j-6t7JGULO4?t=3m5s , it’s just an actor’s voice , no special effects.
NB: Currently no audio-software can do impersonations , (otherwise voice-artists would be redundant).

actually this is the effects i’m talking about.


could you guys help? sorry for the late reply, :slight_smile: its for an audio drama

The voices have had reverb[eration] effect added , as if they were in a large hall.
Audacity comes with a reverb effect , but I couldn’t replicate it on that particular reverb effect.

Free reverb plugins are available which work in Audacity.
The “Large-room-bright” setting on “Anwida DX Reverb Light” is close to the effect on the video.
'Anwida DX Reverb Light' on 'Large-room-bright' 0-30 mix.png