Hip-Hop Track Preview

Hey peeps,
Here is a preview of a hip-hop track I’ve been working on.
Made the beat in Audacity in about 10-15 minutes, arrangement took me about a hour :slight_smile:
Enjoy the oldschool hip-hop flavour, produced in 2014! Peace & love! :slight_smile:
VPD, Bradata & Concrete Cee - Dragon’s Lair (Preview)

That came out well. Are you using a sound-proofed room or close mic?


Concrete Cee sent his studio acapella. I just made the beat and mix it.


It’s sometimes rough to tell what happened when somebody wants us to listen to a song they’ve been working on. We assume one person did everything until told otherwise.


very nice beat and very nice lyrics :smiley:

oh man, its nice, hiphop is easy, but the really it not easy to create the music. :ugeek: [Advertisement deleted by moderator]

just wanna say its superb beats are just aweosme.