hint: check stereo if you are not getting input

I am new to Audacity, running on a MacBook Pro under OS X 10.11.2. It took me a while to figure this out so I thought I would post it for any other newbies that encounter this problem. I just got an M-Audio Fast Track for direct electric bass input and I was not getting any signal in Audacity even though the Mac sound monitor showed that the signal was getting in. (this is not the same problem as in the thread “Trying to record, cursor stays at 0”). Finally I realized (stumbled onto is more like it…) that the Fast Track is a stereo input, and after switching the Audacity track to stereo, I have the bass input in the second stereo channel.

Thanks for the note.

There was a recent post about some devices and interfaces supporting both stereo and mono, and other devices which can seem dead if you choose the wrong one. I have a headset USB adapter which will not cross. Get Stereo/Mono setting wrong and it just doesn’t work. The Behringer UCA202 I like appears to work just fine either mono or stereo (It uses Left for Mono. It won’t mix).

However, you missed the real fun. M-Audio Fast Track’s long name on its father’s side is Avid M-Audio Fast Track. It really likes being plugged into an Avid Video Editing System, but requires special drivers and software to work anywhere else. It’s not a generic, play-anywhere USB interface.

If you didn’t go through any software craziness, then you got lucky.


@Koz, yes, I got lucky :smiley: It may be because the unit appears to be an older unit from before M-Audio was bought by Avid. Back then, it seems that it was plug and play on Macs.