Highlighting sections

I wish i could color highlight audio really bad. idk if it is an ADD things or an over organized desire but when i have to go through and select multiple takes of similar audio I can’t just look at the wave everytime and easily see which ones made the initial cut to be compared. I have adjusted and figured different ways to solve this struggle but boyhowdy I do wish I could highlight. food for thought, thank yall for making a free amazing things like audacity <3

You can add a label track …


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for sure i do enjoy using the label track as well but if I do one long take with multiple types I cntrl+i to split the takes then lable those split tracks to then be able to lable with the lable track the ones I initially like (which is good for limiting the amount I need to look at) but ultimately if I get rid of some of the track and dont remember to also highlight the lable track EVERYTHING gets unalligned. This then means I wasted time typing and labeling cus i now need to re listen to make sure I realign correctly (and hope I hadn’t made that mistake more) and I am sure it will be easier with time but I can’t help but think how much faster it would be for me to be able to have a quick command to highlight a specified color rather than make a label track get the lable track to my audio track hunt down whatever it was I wanted to label, mark location drag and name as needed. any chance you know how to move the label track a specified number rather than having to do it one by one?

The latest version of Audacity (v3) allows you name clips …

naming clips audcaity V3

[But I don’t think v3 is reliable].

for sure, i just want to avoid the typing all together tbh, a simple highlight then keyboard shortcut. This is how i was doing it along with a label track. i think the colors would also help me keep my sanity when dealing with a lot of audio in a day. haha. I thought this was pinned to a suggestion threat tbh

Can be done by temporaily dragging the clip onto another track …

(so not really practical)

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I guess that is a good compromise for the time being, I should stop using the wave color change for individual character tracks and just only use the basic label on the track. I would like to see audacity have a highlighter ability someday tho, not just a change the color of the wave. Ideally with a colors dialogue box for many many color options. That WOULD BE SOO COOL and handy for when you are overviewing, trying to see where you left off, have multiple stages of editing. you need to differentiate and i’m sure many more reasons.