Highlight scroll right/paste file export names

V2.1.2, El Capitan

  1. Highlight and move cursor/highlight to the right edge of window in order to highlight to the right past the edge of the window - cannot be done. WIll not scroll highlighted audio to the right past the edge of the window. Used to be able to do this on previous Mac OS.
  2. Cannot paste names into window when exporting audio! Must type every name every time! Previous versions pasting names could be done.

These Audacity flaws are weird and irritating!
no scroll right audacity.jpg

Thanks for the report. 1) has already been fixed in our source code. 2) has been partially fixed - whatever you paste will entirely replace the contents in the box regardless of the position of the cursor or selection. By the way you don’t have to type the names in 2.1.2 - you can right-click or CTRL-click and paste.

2.1.3 should be released with these fixes soon. There is a testing version “Audacity Mac 2.1.3 RC1 - DMG (RC for testing only)” at https://www.fosshub.com/Audacity.html/. If you test that please give us your feedback on it.

Many of 2.1.2’s problems are caused by updating to a newer version of wxWidgets, which we had to do for Linux.