Higher the pitch the louder the song?

Is there a way so that the higher/lower the pitch the louder the song? I would also like to know if there was a way to boost mid as you can boost bass and treble.

Thanks! :smiley:

With the “Bass and Treble” effect: set “Bass” and “Treble” to a low amount and “level” to a high amount.

Try the [u]Equalization Effect[/u]. The low frequencies are on the left and the high frequencies are on the right (mid frequencies in the middle).

Whey you are experimenting, I recommend starting with the Graphic EQ mode (with the slider controls) instead of the Draw Curves mode.

After boosting any frequencies with the Equalizer, it’s a good idea to run the Amplify effect in case you need to bring the volume down before exporting… If the levels go over 0dB there a danger of clipping (distortion) in the saved/exported file. The Amplify effect scans your file and defaults for whatever adjustment is needed (up or down) for 0db peaks.