high, sharp, tinny metallic sound...

hi there! this is my first post & ive recently started ripping my vinyl to mp3 using audacity…

the problem i am having is that when i playback what ive recorded, everything has a high, sharp, tinny metallic sound & i cant figure out how to remove it, or prevent it in the first place!
has anyone else had this problem?
thank you!
otherwise i love audacity & get a lot of use out of it!

Here’s a good wiki page:

My guess is you’ve plugged a regular turntable directly into your soundcard. This won’t work. You need a phono pre-amp in order to record a regular Line In signal. Read the section titled “Special note on connecting a standalone turntable” if this is the case.

thank you so much for your reply!

i got one of those ion USB turntables…i followed the instructions for plugging it into the tower (i’m on mac, if thats an issue)…so i should do something different?

eta: i just read that section of the wiki & that sounds exactly like what the problem is…even tho it says tht shouldnt be an issue for UBS turntables…
what do i do about the USB cord? i guess i shouldve just got a regular turntable.

I can’t really say, not being a mac user.

What seems to work for most people is just plugging the USB cable into the computer and setting the ION as the input source in Audacity. You also need to make sure the Stylus is properly set up, though it probably already is.

Does you model have a Line Out on it? Can you try plugging that into a stereo receiver and see if it sounds ok?