High Ring Sound Only When Talking Blue Snowball

Here is some background information of my set up. I have Blue Snowball that in connected to a boom arm off of my desk and plugged directly into a powered usb in the back.

The audio i recorded is a test and audio from a series i do called reddit stories.

In both samples I did Noise Removal to remove background noise in my room and then applied a chain affect which is as followed
I did nothing outside of that. What can I do to stop this from happening or fix it?

Here is my Example Audio


Reddit Stories

I couldn’t find anything wrong with either clip.

“Ringing” can mean a tone that follows each spoken word very similar to what happens at the club if the band gets their microphones up a little too far.


There’s also the Yeti effect.

Are you wearing headphones? That’s required when you’re live recording. Does it still do it if you temporarily turn off your headphones while you continue to record?

Does it do it if you listen on Anything Else, say your mum’s computer?

I also see a bunch of rumble lower pitch than 20Hz (beyond audibility), but you should not be able to hear that.


No I only use headphones when I need to listen to something audible and do not want it to be picked up though the mic itself.

Maybe not a ringing is what i hear but a vibration when listening to it though my speakers. It so like a metal ring or spring shaking sound when i speak Do you think its my speakers that are the issue when play it though Audacity that is creating some feedback when i listen to it?

And no I have the only computer here that I built so I can not listen to in on anything else.

It so like a metal ring or spring shaking sound when i speak

That’s good. That gives me something to narrow down the search. You have “brittle” words.

Just to cover it. Windows has “Enhanced Services” where they try to help you out by processing your voice. Is that running by accident?


It doesn’t have to be fading out or hollow. That usually happens with music. The service is designed to be used with a voice.

The other thing to be careful of is recording directly from the microphone and not from one of the other wacky pathways that Windows machines have. If you’re using WASAPI or Stereo-Mix, you could be recording your microphone plus a bunch of other things running on your machine.


Doesn’t look like I have any of that running. There isn’t even an enhancement tab on my microphone as the like suggests.

Post a raw sample. Straight out of the microphone. No patching, level adjusting, effects, filters, noise-removal, etc. Don’t use the volume sliders on the left of the track. Don’t help it in any way.

Which Audacity? Be accurate.



Test clips are the most helpful when they’re recorded like this.