High resolution UI elements

I have a 4K monitor, and have UI scaling set to 200% in Windows (otherwise apps look really tiny). I noticed that some of the UI elements (which I guess are images) are pixelated / blurry. Changing the application-specific DPI settings in Windows 11 fixes the blurriness of the native UI text, but there’s still a lot of UI elements that look blurry. Namely, the control buttons/icons, the text within tracks, and the text labels on the rulers and volume sliders. Also seems like the audio waveforms are pixelated and could be more granular.

I think this would be an important update considering everyone is gradually moving towards using higher resolution displays.

Improved HiDPI is on the list, right after (possibly at the same time as) the transition from wxWidgets to QT which the developers have been working on and hope to complete with Audacity 4.0.