High Quality Stretching Fix

Hi Everyone,

I just spent a few hours working on a mix for an upcoming show and i have been using high quality stretching to change the tempos of the songs im using. Come to find out it kills the sound quality of the tracks. Is there a way to undo this and make them sound normal again? Do i need to remake the mix?

Do i need to remake the mix?

Remake the mix.

Effect > Change Speed is the only one that has any hope of retaining sound quality. That one just drags his finger on the record and everything goes down the same amount, as an example.

Effect > Change Pitch and Effect> Change Tempo rip the sound apart and try to smash it back together with the new values. It’s never going to be perfect.

Is there a way to undo this

No. We can’t take effects out of a production or sound file. If you never closed Audacity, you might be able to Edit > UNDO your way out of trouble. Always keep very high quality originals or backups of all the stuff you used in a show.