High priority notification when Audacity has stopped recording

It would be really useful if Audacity could raise a notification ( as in something that will appear over other windows ) when it has stopped recording. Particularly if the “stop” button has not been hit.

We use Audacity as a core part of our podcasting set-up - each participants records locally with Audacity while we use a VOIP platform to have our conversation, then uploads the files for editing together into a listenable conversation.

This works really well but sometimes we run into a problem where for some reason audacity has stopped and because we are using our screens for the call, other browser windows and so on, if Audacity stops recording it may not be noticeable, at which point we will have to go over to a back-up which never sounds as good and always entails significant editing overhead.

It would be helpful if Audacity could just foreground a notification to let us know it had stopped working for someone and we could get it restarted before continuing. On Windows the Toast Notification system might be good for this, I guess there are probably equivalent systems for other OSes.

Perhaps a good idea to arrange your windows so that the recording meter is visible. This will also alter you if you are talking too loud and clipping.
The recording meter may be dragged out of the main Audacity interface and positioned anywhere convenient.
(see also: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/toolbars_overview.html#arrange)