high pitched buzz / humming noise

hello i just got a new microphone and hooked it up to audacity. i am new to audacity so im probably just messing something up, but if anyone knows what could be causing the high pitched buzzing / humming noise please help if you can. thanks!

USB microphone? Which one?

Does it sound like this?


If that’s it, we have a pre-baked correction for it (usually).

If that’s not it, post a sample to the forum.


Ignore the instructions to post a second or two. Go for 5 to 10 seconds.


that was the noise. how do i fix it?

It’s a Mosquito Killer plugin. You have to install it and any minute now I’m going to find it.


Mosquito-Killer4.ny (363 Bytes)
Have you installed a plug-in before?

Scroll down to Installing Plugins > Windows.

Run it at the default settings. It’s either going to work or not. If not, then the problem is a lot harder.

Your computer and microphone hate each other. You’re listening to the computer USB data management leaking into the sound. If either the computer or the microphone was better behaved, it wouldn’t do that. It took us months to figure out what it was and fix it.

Do you have a Blue Yeti? Another name for this problem is “The Yeti Curse.”


i installed the plug-in and used it on the recording but it didnt seem to do anything.
my microphone is an aokeo ak-70 usb mic.

So you don’t have The Yeti Curse. Post some of the sound on the forum.