High pitched beeping sound when I try to record

Hi There
I’m getting a high pitched beeping sound when I try to record with Audacity. This started happening when I reconnected my PC (Windows 7) to my turntable (Audio Technica ATLP1240USB) after a long period of having the computer completely disconnected from everything. None of the settings has been changed and it worked perfectly well before, so I can’t think what has gone wrong. Can anyone help please?

Many thanks.

Noise is analog so when you’re connected via USB, any noise is coming from the turntable.

Is it a loud beep or a quiet background sound? Or, you can [u]attach/upload a short sample[/u] for us?

Hi There
Thanks for your reply, sorry It’s taken so long to do this I’ve been away on holiday. I’ve attached a 30 second sample of the sound that I am getting, I think it maybe a setup issue that I’m having as it’s occurring on two identical PC’s that I have, both are running Windows 7.

That almost sounds like feedback… Is your [u]Recording Device[/u] the USB turntable or something else? (It may not show the model of your turntable, but it should say “USB…”)