High Pitched Background Noise

Hi, no matter what I do to change my settings, lower or raise the Project Rate, or mess with some of the effects, I always have this annoying background noise. I guess you might be able to call the noise a squeal… I’ll upload a sample track so you can better understand. I’m really unsure of what to do to fix this issue, because I would really like to be able to record audio for my videos… Any ways, thanks to anyone who can help me out!

What System are you working with?
(Audacity version, operating System, Sound Card, mixer, Connections, Adapters etc.)

I think I’m using Audacity 2.0, on Windows 7 32 Bit. Sound card, that’s on board… Mixer? I have no idea what that is. Connections? Like where my Mic (in this case is connected?) If so then that’s connected through my Logitech G110 Keyboard, and the headset I’m using is the Turtle Beach Earforce X12’s. Hope that helps.

Hi Kezaraux,

I know this noise well. You need to give us a better understanding of how you’re recording and with what components. I’ve inadvertently stumbled into this sound before, and it typically happens when I’ve turned the high and/or mid EQ up on the mixer channel (whatever one I’ve got my instrument plugged into), and cut the low. There’s something weird that happens where it makes this exact noise. I’ve found that it’s just a matter of working within the parameters of the mixer, and then if you’re looking to get some ultra-high/ultra-mid tones, then you can get there after you’ve tracked what you’re tracking, by applying additional EQ adjustments.

But understand, this may be a ton of different things. You may be using an incorrect or damaged cable. You may have phantom power on when you don’t need it. And speaking of power, if you are playing electric guitar/keyboard/etc, you may be plugged into the same circuit as your computer/mixer, and THAT can sometimes cause this type of noise.

I can’t listen to the sample, 'cause I’m at work…

FYI - Noise is ALWAYS in the ANALOG part of your set-up. Sometimes it’s the result of “digital noise” getting into the analog. (On the digital-side, you do get quantization noise, which you’ll hear with 8-bit audio. But with 16-bits or better, you can’t hear it.)

Connections? Like where my Mic (in this case is connected?) If so then that’s connected through my Logitech G110 Keyboard, and the headset I’m using is the Turtle Beach Earforce X12’s.

So you are using a USB headset mic? That’s the source of your noise, since everything after that is digital (USB, etc.).

“Computer mics”, “gaming mics”, and “communications mics”, tend to be low quality. For higher quality recording, you can use a “studio style” USB mic (something like [u]this[/u]), or a good studio or performance mic (which will be low-impedance balanced with an [u]XLR connector[/u] along with a preamp or USB audio interface with a matching XLR connector.

The thing about my headset, it only uses USB for power, it has the plugs for microphone and audio. Would that have something to do with it instead?

I have seen systems that work like this. Are you going through a USB hub? Generally, audio systems require a Home Run to the computer without extra electronics – although I don’t think that’s what the problem is. The power from the computer is rarely completely clean and noise-free. The early iMic converter used the computer power and was notorious for creating buzzy and hissy performances by repeating the noise on the USB connection.

Do you by any chance have a Phone Charger or something similar which is basically a USB power supply? I have two, one for my phone and one for my iPod. Try one of those.


Well, I tried plugging everything straight into the back of the computer, and there was no noise, the only thing is my Mic volume was really low in recordings, and only slightly quieter for my friend on Skype. I added some Mic boost to the already 100 Mic volume, but that adds a bit of the noise back.