High pictch tones

I play the indian wood flute G minor. I recorded some music on a digital recorder loaded it into Audacity, Downloaded all the plug ins. The problem I’m having is when the higher notes play, its like there is reverb through my speakers. I lower the volume but then cannot hear the lower notes. Is there a way to smooth it out or decrease the high pitch part? I am just a beginner, and don’t know how to use all the plugins, let alone know what half of them mean. I could e-mail my music to someone to help me fix and show me how to do it. Thank you. Phil

What speakers are they?

Lap top But I send it to others and they have the same thing.

Laptop speakers are too small to reproduce bass frequencies. Unless you connect up some better speakers or use headphones you will not be able to hear the recording properly.
If you still have the problem when using better speakers or headphones, try using the Equalization effect to reduce the high frequencies and boost the low frequencies: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Equalization

The problem with processing and equalizing on small speakers is you tune the show for only those speakers. The next listener with a bigger system hears all kinds of oddball rumbling or bass effects that went right by you because you can’t hear them.

If you have trouble lifting and moving your sound system in one trip, that’s just about right. If your whole sound systems fits in your backpack, there may be trouble.

Of particular concern is people who do serious sound repair on computer speakers. Those shows are really painful to listen to.

Headphones are the answer, although nobody asked you how you’re recording your instrument. Which digital recorder and where did you have it placed?


There’s such a thing as getting so close that the recorder can’t deal with the range of sound. If you’re using a voice recorder or note-taker, then doing music will be hard. Those are tailored for voice tones and might not do music very well.

You can select about five seconds of the damage, and mix down to mono with the Track > Stereo Track To Mono tool. Export as FLAC and upload it here using the Upload Attachment tools on the text entry page. You may get up to ten seconds without going over the forum limit in FLAC.