High Pass Filter Stalls and Times Out

I’m running Audacity 2.4.2 on Windows 10 64-bit.

When I run a high-pass filter on any audio track, the process runs for a while but then when it reaches 3 seconds left on the countdown clock it will stall, freeze the program, and then eventually time out. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled and that did not resolve the problem. Thanks for your help.

Does the problem happen on all tracks, or one specific track?
How long is the project?
Does it happen with both mono and stereo tracks?

The three tracks I’ve tried it on have been around one hour and thirty minutes (1:30:00) all stereo. I use Audacity for files of this length and type a few times a week and always run a high-pass-filter and have only just started having this problem.

Thank you for your follow-up questions. After I answered them, I realized there was a good hint in them and ran it on some shorter files and then also on only a section of this longer file … and it works just fine. In between my first post and also in between my first response and this, I have had coffee. So, problem solved; but I wouldn’t have solved it without your help, so thank you very much.

I’m glad that you posted. In previous versions of Audacity the High / Low Pass filters could process longer selections than they can now, so this is a regression. I’ll log it on the Audacity bug tracker.

This should be fixed in the next Audacity release.
For now, the limit for High / Low pass filters is about 94 minutes for a stereo track with a sample rate of 44100.

In the meantime there are many free plugins with high/low pass that work in Audacity on Windows.
TDR Nova is one of the best I’ve seen: it has a spectrogram so you can see (as well as hear) what the high/low pass filters are doing.