High Pass Filter/Noise Gates

I screwed up and asked this in the wrong forum, but what do yo guys recommend for a high pass filter/noise gate that’s affordable?

There are several High Pass filters listed here.


No gate, though.


Thank you Koz.

Now I need to manage all this stuff. Dealing with files and plug ins is fairly new to me and on top of that I have a newly rebuilt PC that I built specifically for recording (specs below). Right now, I’m importing directly to Wavelab 5 as a Wav file because I’m still having trouble unzipping files with a trial version of winzip. I’ve failed to get audacity to recognize the lame encoder after numerous failed attmepts, which is not that big of an issue but has me perplexed. Trust me, I’ve done every step possible but upon exporting it says failed every time. I’ve followed the directions to a tee.

It’s no big deal but I kinda want to get the recording as polished as possible in Audacity before sending away to Wavelab. I was actually referring to hardware about the filter/gate, but I’ve already bought a gate off EBay MXR M135 Smart Gate Pedal just waiting for the arrival. I followed Steve’s advice and purchased some monitor speakers and they are quite nice Behringer MS16 Active Personal Monitor System (New, Pair).

My biggest issue right now is time to ingest all this stuff, but I definitely need to really get Audacity down first, so utilizing the awesome tutorial is paramount, along with taking advantage of the expert advice here. You know, Wavelab doesn’t even have a tuorial that I know of which is shameful considering Audacity is a free software. I have Cubase SE, but I kind of want to learn all the basics off Audacity to get a foundation of what I’m doing.

It’s very time consuming to learn all this stuff from the ground up, and my time is limited with working so much. I plan on being a very active member of this forum and a contributor as well. I’m sorta surprised there is not more people utilizing the knowledge here and helpfulness, as you guys are not pompous asses like some of the sites to people asking basic questions. I try to search what I can but that can be very time consuming as well, and sometimes you just need a question answered.

My first goal is to get rid of the huge bottom end bass echo I’m getting since I play pretty heavy stuff, but I’ve come a long way already. Thanks again for both you and Steve’s advice, it’s very well appreciated.

Audacity 1 2.6 Cubase SE Wavelab 5.0 VST’s and Plug Ins Gearbox w/Line 6 Software
Kingston HyperX 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Desktop Memory
2 Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB 3.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ 2.4GHz Socket AM2 89W Processor
ECS KA3 MVP (V1.0A) ATX AMD Motherboard–500 Watt Power Supply
Dynex DX-SC51 Sound Card
Samson CO1U USB Microphone placed four feet away with foam surroundings
Digitech RP7 Valve Effects Pedal w/direct Fender Amp and 4/12 Cab
7 String BC Warlock played with six strings at E and Drop D
Hum X Noise Reducer that plugs into outlet
Behringer MS16 Active Personal Monitor System


Oh, I’d fix that one first. If you can’t put a decent sound signal into your machine and get it back out again exactly like it went in, you probably have Windows Control Panels set wrong. This happens to everybody on Windows because the sound services are abysmally complicated.

I’m assuming Windows because in all that, you never mentioned which operating system or version.



Windows XP Pro. Sorry for not including something so important amongst all the other stuff I threw in there.

Koz, I had real issues on my other PC configuring my Gearbox/Line 6 and the ASIO Driver to be compatible with Cubase SE. So much so that I decided to build a whole new system and do things right this time. Should I try to set up Audacity to utilize the ASIO driver, basically making it my default driver of choice for all recordings? Is this possible?

I’m just now getting ready to try to get Cubase and Gearbox in sinc. Is this going to be difficult for Audacity to recognize Cubase and it’s VST’s on top of utilizing the ASIO Driver?

Remember, I’m using the Samson USB mic directly.

No this is not possible (without doing a custom build from the source code).
Here is why: http://audacityteam.org/wiki/index.php?title=ASIO_Audio_Interface

Also VST support is very limited (for similar reasons).

Probably the best thing to do is use Cubase and Gearbox when you are wanting to use VST, and if you need to do any wave editing, export the audio as a WAV file, edit it in Audacity, then import it back into your VST program.

For Cubase you should definitely use ASIO.

Thanks Steve, I really like the Behringer Monitor Speakers I bought based on your advice to get Monitor speakers. I can definitely tell a huge difference.

I have Wavelab 5, so I send my wave files there from Audacity. I may end up doing what you suggested and using a smaller amp to get the raw crunch that I’m looking for and to relieve some of the bottom end echo I’m getting from my stack in Audacity. I really prefer recording by miking so that I can keep my preferred tone once I can get rid of the bad base sound. Hopefully the gate I have coming may help some because recording with Gearbox directly into Audacity just doesn’t give the same sound I’m looking for, although everything is much cleaner.

I’ve come quite a ways already playing around with my sound and am very close to being rid of the echo without compromising my sound too much. It just takes a lot of time, experimentation and patience to learn three programs basically simultaneously and it’s a crime Wavelab doesn’t offer up a tutorial similar to what free Audacity does.

If anybody knows of one I’d appreciate it if you post it here.


I see that it’s not actually the topic that this thread was on, but how has the Kingston desktop memory worked? Has it had any known problems? Would you be able to recommend it?

Not to snap this back to the original thread…

Steve wrote a terrific noise gate…