High-pass filter doesn't complete in 3.0.0 on longer recordings

Hi, I hope this is new and relevant and that I’m posting in the right place.

I’ve encountered a problem in my vinyl digitising workflow that is new to me in 3.0.0 (Windows 10 64-bit). If I record an LP side that exceeds 23m37s at 88.2 kHz (somewhere between 124,975,104 and 124,995,584 samples after narrowing it down) running a high-pass filter (20 Hz / 24 dB) on the whole recording does not do anything - it behaves superficially the same as if it had been successful, i.e., a slight pause near end of progress bar, then the dialog box disappears, but the waveform doesn’t change and the operation does not show up in Undo. The operation will complete successfully if I delete enough samples to be under the approximate threshold above. I can confirm that a few weeks ago I was able to successfully apply the high-pass filter to a recording of 165,734,748 samples (using my previous Audacity version).

The only mention I could find of this behaviour was a similar problem in a forum post from October (https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/high-pass-filter-stalls-and-times-out/59089/1).

P.S. - I was thrilled that the time to run the high-pass filter on a 10^8 sample recording decreased from about 3 minutes in 2.x.x (not sure exactly which version was running prior to last week) to 10 seconds in 3.0.0.

Unfortunately this is a bug that we didn’t notice before release. The bug came in with an update towards the end of the release cycle and it fixed some problems that have been around for ages, but it also caused “Nyquist” effects (including High Pass and Low Pass filters) to fail on long tracks.

We are working to fix this issue asap. In the mean time, I’d suggest that you use the “Filter Curve EQ” or “Graphic EQ” instead of the high-pass filter.

Once the problem is fixed we should be back to being able to process extremely long tracks with the High Pass and Low Pass effects.