High-Low Pass Slider Filter

In Virtual DJ there are two types of filtering for some audio effects such as “Filter” and “TK Filter”. In your software instead exist “High Pass Filter” and “Low Pass Filter”. But I wanted to know if it exists as for the “Sliding Time And Pitch”, also a plugin for the “Sliding of High to Low Pass and from Low to High Pass”. If this plugin were to exist, then I would have solved this problem because it is very difficult to find a plugin like this in other audio editors. Thank in advance.

I’m not aware of a sliding filter plug-in, though it would be quite easy to create some form of sliding filter as a Nyquist plug-in.

I’m not clear what that is supposed to do. For example, if the initial setting is “Low-pass 400 Hz” and the end setting is “High-pass 2000 Hz”, what happens in the middle?