High frequency noise removal

What’s the most efficient way to get rid of this without ruining the audio?

“Notch Filter” : https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/notch_filter.html

Use “Plot Spectrum” to see the frequency value: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/plot_spectrum.html

Thanks. That did remove the vast majority of it but some tiny parts remained so I put over them another notch filter with a lower Q value and that fixed it all but also added an ugly click at entry point(highlighted). Any suggestions on how to get rid of that, and also smoothe the transition at both clipping points?

The best procedure is to process the whole file, or if there is silence start/stop the filtering during silence.

Selecting at [u]zero-crossings[/u] might help but I’m not sure. And sometimes the left & right zero-crossings don’t happen at the same time.

If the noise is in the majority of the audio clip, then I’d apply the notch filter to the entire clip.
If the noise is only in one, or a few short sections, then you could use the “Spectral Multi-Tool” instead.
See: Spectral Edit Multi Tool - Audacity Manual

(I wouldn’t expect selecting zero crossings to help in this case)

Just perfect, thank you