High Distortion on recording levels


I’m trying to record my LP’s but experienced very high levels of distortion and it appears the sound levels are too high!. I have read many forum posts, user manuals etc for tips and advice but still no joy! Please help.

I’m using a Jamm USB turntable and Compaq Presario cq 56 laptop

I have set Audacity levels through the preferences as follows:-

Playback Device-Speakers and Headphones (IDT Hi

Recording Device-Microphone (USB Audio CODEC)

Recording Device-Channels 2(Stereo)

Quality 44100Hz 32bit float

Output and Microphone set at 1.0

PC SETTINGS-control panel-sound-playback= Speakers and Headphones
" " Recording=Stereo Mix IDT High Tech Audio CODEC

I’m not very technical minded so would welcome any suggestions advice.

Regards, James

with many USB TTs in Audacity it is not possible to adjust the amplitude with Audacity’s input slider - if this is the case for you then it is the fault of your TTs driver software. It may be worth seeing if the manufacturer has updated drivers available on their website.

Some USB TTs have hardware gain/volume controls - it yours does the use this control.


Thanks that worked!


Which: the update of the drivers or the gain control??

(Just so other readers of this thread can benefit in future :slight_smile: )