Hide Extension

I’ve noticed on Preview’s (the program) Save As, there’s a tick-able ‘Hide Extension’ box.

Could that be implemented when saving/exporting in Audacity :slight_smile:?
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Why do you want to hide extensions? :confused:

Why wouldn’t I :wink:?

What if you’re Exporting a file with the name “myfile.wav” and you already have a file in the same location called “myfile.mp3”

Many Windows users write to the forum about being able to open a WAV or an MP3 file, when in fact it is not a WAV or an MP3, but they don’t know that it isn’t because Windows hides the extension by default. If I had a $ for every time that problem had happened I could jump into my private helicopter and fly over to chat to you about it in person :smiley:

Now your turn - why would you like that option?

I’m not sure what the problem with it is :slight_smile:.

The files would exist together no problem, as long as the extension is different. I’m using a Mac anyway (but I do have a PC too - not sure how it would be there, probably fine I think).

How would you know if the extensions are different if you have hidden the extensions?

You’ve still not said what the benefit is of hiding the extensions.

Would there not be a few indications - the file icon, hover over it for info, or in its properties?

It’s just tidier looking. In windows, there’s no risk of accidentally changing the extension if you are only changing the name (because it’s hidden in system settings).

For all you non-Mac users, the option to “hide extension” is a standard feature in most file-save dialogs on Mac. The user has the option. I prefer to show extensions, others perfer to hide them. The question is why this is not implemented in Audacity for Mac. The answer probably lies in the cross-platform nature of Audacity, or the fact that no-one has noticed the lack of this feature and requested the developers to add it.

– Bill

I don’t miss that option at all… as I don’t miss wearing shoes with high heels, though some ppl might do…
I think this should be in the Adding Features forum.

Topic moved.

I note that you say “most” and not “all”.
I expect that such an option would produce more user problems, so I’m -1 for this proposed feature.

my vote is ±0

Yes, some programs (such as Photoshop CS2) don’t show the “hide extensions” checkbox.

Actually, as the OP points out, with extensions visible it is possible to accidentally change or remove an extension, although the default Finder preference is to “warn when changing an extension”. So it may be a good option for naive users who turn that warning off. In all the Audacity documentation we talk about the “.aup” file, so turning extensions off would probably be counter-productive.

Personally, I like to have extensions shown.

Mac handles this somewhat differently to Windows. If a file is saved with “hide extensions” unchecked, then the file always shows the extension in the Finder, and vice versa, unless the user has checked “Show all extensions” in the Finder Preferences.

– Bill

Almost the very first thing taht any sensible Windows user does when firing up a new PC is to reverse the default which hides all file extensions.

I simply can’t envisage running a windows system without knowing the extensions of my files.